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Welcome To YoungClicks Earning And Advertising!

  NEED CASH? OUR MEMBERS EARN CASH! FOR READING EMAILS, SIGNING UP TO MEMBER OFFERS AND FOR BROWSING OUR ADVERTISERS' WEBSITES.   Use your cash to purchase an electronic gift card from our e-gift card store. You can increase your earnings even more by using your referral links to refer your friends and other people to And you earn even more commissions for signing advertisers up. When your referrals get credit for visiting our advertisers' websites, signing up to member offers, purchase advertising credits or upgrade their account, you will also get credit for it. And becoming a YoungClicks affiliate is totally Free!

  NEED TRAFFIC? WE HAVE TRAFFIC. COME GET SOME TRAFFIC! WE HAVE GEOGRAPHICALLY TARGETED 24 HOUR UNIQUE/TIMED VISITORS WAITING FOR YOU TO ADVERTISE TO THEM.   We have incentivized (paid) website visitors. And we have non incentivized (free) website visitors. With our advanced and promising technology, along with our unique and modern advertising methods, we can deliver multiple country targeted visitors for you. You can restrict your advertisements within your selected geolocations you want your websites and programs to be advertised to. Or you can advertise to every country our members are from.


  • FREE membership available worldwide.
  • Receive & view the advertising that interests you.
  • Earn up to $0.07 cents per website visited.
  • Earn up to $0.005 cent per referral visits.
  • Earn $0.01 cent for each email advertisement you read and verify.
  • Get referral commissions for referring members & advertisers.
  • Detailed statistics of your referral visits.
  • Fast payouts with paypal, when you reach our required minimum for payout.
  • Need any help? We are here.


  • Reach your audience when it really matters.
  • Promote your website and programs to our responsive members.
  • Low cost traffic. Incentive and non-incentive advertising solutions.
  • Only real visitors. Only real I.P. addresses.
  • Choice of multiple advertising options.
  • We have a free traffic exchange too.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Strong anti-cheat protection.
  • No members with multiple accounts.
  • Premium members only filter.
  • Professional 24/7 Support.

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